Ars Concept Note

The Idea (required)

What is the core idea for the project?

The Goal (required)

What do you want to achieve, what are the goals of the project?
How will you evaluate the success of the project?

Benefits (required)

Who will benefit, and how will they benefit from the project?

Approach (required)

What is our overall approach for this project?

Product(s) (required)

What products will we be creating?

Service(s) (required)

What services will we be creating??

The Team (required)

Timelines (required)

What is the schedule for the the project?

Further extensions (required)

How will the project evolve over time?

References (required)

Are there similar projects to the project?

Risks (required)

What are the risks involved in the project?

Open issues and additional information

What open issues remain for the project?
Is there any other information that needs to be shared?