Ride With Me

Enjoy riding with Alvin? It’s not usual to get a driver that is engaging, funny and got game to give about travel hacking, online marketing, investing or how to build a mobile app. If your lucky you can ride with Alvin and listen to a cool playlist while getting to your location safely. 
Here are some of the apps, stores and products that Alvin may recommend while riding with him.

+ Check out my farmhouse Airbnb for rental outside Nashville, TN Book your dates – http://bit.ly/2J12IUB
Airbnb Host. Interested to become a Airbnb Host? Let me show you the secrets I have used to become a Super host. You can start your own vacation rental business today. Start here – http://bit.ly/2zkFhP7
+ Uber. Want to make extra money driving Uber? Start here – https://partners.uber.com/i/uberuvhaa
+ SeatGeeks. Sign up now and get $20 off first ticket purchase. Start here –  http://bit.ly/2P6OrYP

+ Evernote. Want to be more productive and store your digital documents? Evernote is the best note-taking and organizing task app. Start here –  
+ RescueTime. RescueTime helps you understand where your time goes each day online to better optimize your energy and control your day. Start here – http://bit.ly/1IN68yf
+ Coinbase.  Want to start trading in Bitcoins and cryptocurrency? Start here – http://bit.ly/2seUFNi
+ Need a domain? Own your domain space today and get started with building your online business. Purchase a domain here – http://bit.ly/2IYG7nt

+ Cashville T Shirts –  http://bit.ly/2E4kiTE