Course Objective

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This workshop is a hands-on learning experience. The topics covered in this curriculum are digital storytelling, mobile technology, social media marketing and how to manage a online presence with content, curation and distribution.


This course is a user-generated approach to web site marketing, content creation and distribution. The course begins with the user’s needs and designs various methods from that starting point. The focus is creating, curating and understanding practical ways to manage your online presence for personal or an organization.

Students will develop content using online video (YouTube, Vimeo) and real-time content creation tools (live blogging, live tweeting) as well as content sharing tools (Tumblr, WordPress, social networks) with the goal of developing a skilled digital communications professional for use in media, public relations, entrepreneurship or government employment.

The course will discuss successful and failed social media marketing techniques and trends. The course will also demonstrate how to utilize mobile technology for marketing campaigns. Basic video production techniques and storytelling using consumer camcorders or point & shoot cameras. The lessons will also explore how to manage a consistent online presence to seek new customers, clients or employers

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Modify online portfolio and blog
  • Develop a creative presentation for boardroom or public speaking
  • Develop a storyline, record and edit a short video or documentary
  • Integrate content curation technologies across various mediums
  • Use project management skills to manage assets and allocate resources
  • Develop a mobile marketing campaign

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